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“SCADAlogic specializes in providing SCADA system support including RTU , PLC and HMI programming.”

Design Support

SCADA System Design Support

SCADA System Design Support

You might be thinking to yourself, "I know how I want to improve our SCADA system, I just need a little help" or "I wish there was some impartial SCADA technical support person I could brainstorm with" or "the design the engineers came back with doesn't look quite right, but they're telling us it's correct. We need a second opinion". It seems like most of the technical support resources in the SCADA industry are vendors who pitch their equipment. Hiring an impartial SCADA consultant to evaluate proposals or provide feedback for impending plans will usually end up saving you thousands of dollars on your project. A SCADA consultant will be able to spot the areas in the project where the vendor is selling you short or selling you too much.

About SCADA Logic

SCADA Logic is located east of Seattle, along the shores of Lake Washington in the beautiful town of Kirkland, WA (in King County). We offer our services in the Seattle Area and throughout the state of Washington.

Imagine being able to access your own SCADA technical support whenever SCADA issues come up. Imagine that the SCADA support is locally based and can quickly come up to speed on your situation. Imagine the SCADA support personnel are knowledgeable, easy to understand and friendly. SCADA Logic provides a new choice in SCADA support by offering practical SCADA expertise at reasonable prices.

SCADA Logic specializes in PLC Programming, RTU Programming, HMI Programming and providing SCADA System Support. We believe in offering solutions that are practical to use and easy to understand. Offering friendly, knowledgeable SCADA programming and system support is our business.

We value solutions that are elegantly simple and straight forward. This does not usually equate to simple efforts. On the contrary, eliminating unnecessary elements, whether they are in the specifications, bill of materials or software code requires a global understanding of the project. As a result, the client receives a solution that is streamlined, easier to understand and requires less effort to maintain.

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Email SCADA Design Support to begin receiving design support for your SCADA system. Tell us a little bit about the situation. We'll call you back, and if you'd like, set up an appointment to come out and take a look at your system.